In our life on a lake in Rhinebeck, NY, in the scenic Hudson Valley, the vision of Lumina was born naturally.

We are inspired by nature, which embraces us in every moment of both our art and life. Trees, flowers, leaves, stones, fruits, grasses, twigs, snow, rain and wind, and the life and culture in the region are among the inspirations and motifs of our photography.

Most of the subjects of our photography in the Lumina edition have been found and photographed in the Hudson Valley and Berkshire over the years, and the collection is updated in every season.

As distinct from our individual works, already known in galleries and museums, the Lumina edition is focused on the subjects of nature, country life style, and harmony between us in a relaxed contemporary approach.

For this body of work, we are utilizing digital technology to create a new and more accessible line of work. Though many of the photographs are taken by medium to large format film camera, the Lumina prints are made of archival pigment on acid-free rag paper, printed by us in our own studio at Rhinebeck.

We hope the viewer of Lumina images will enjoy sharing the harmony of our art and life.

Kenro and Yumiko Izu

Each print of the Lumina edition is limited to 50 and numbered.
Each print is embossed with Lumina Logo, in place of signature.
The standard print size is apporoximately 19x24 inches image on 23x29 inches paper. Other size is available on request.